Mines Rescue Service

Underground Induction Training Course

Underground induction Course which can be tailor to suit either tunnelling or underground mining.

Training Course Content

US: 7146 Demonstrate basic knowledge and ability required to work in an underground operation Level 2 Credits 6.

Content Includes:

US: 3271 Suppress fire with hand extinguishers and fixed hose reels Level 2 Credits 1.

Content includes:

Course Details
Duration2 Days
NumbersUp to a maximum of 12 participants. Additional numbers must be agreed in advance by Mines Rescue and will incur additional assessment and reporting charges and may affect length of training days.
Facilities & EquipmentCan be provided on your work site or at the Mines Rescue Station.
All participants to attend with all personal protection equipment as required by the site.
Compliance with RegulationsMeets requirements of HSWA Mining Regulation and Quarrying Regulations 2016.
Cost$4000.00 GST Excl.
Costs include all travel, learning materials, assessment, certificates and reporting.

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