Mines Rescue Service

CIMS 4 (Coordinated Incident Management Training)

Training Course Content

US: 17279 Demonstrate knowledge of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) Level 2 Credits 2
US: 22445 Describe the roles and functions of a CIMS Incident Management Team (IMT) at an incident Level 4 Credits 4
CIMS with a focus on civil emergencies and civil defence structures and responses.  

This applied CIMS training is designed to equip personnel with the knowledge and skills required to apply the principles of CIMS to an incident or emergency response of any kind. It is interactive, practically focused and is tailored to specifically focus on the CIMS process and how it is specifically applied to civil defence responses.  The course also covers Civil Defence planning and operational processes and common tools by those filling the key CIMS roles in the Civil Defence environment. 

Case studies are tailored to fit the risk profile of the local region and focus the participants on developing Action Plans and working in an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) structure to respond to incidents.

Course Details
Location & EquipmentCan be provided nationally. Client to provide a suitable training room for the course.  Whiteboard and data show required and space for practical simulations and assessments (data show can be provided by Mines Rescue if required).
Duration2 days, 8am–4.30pm
NumbersUp to a maximum of 12 participants. For additional numbers Mines Rescue requires an experienced member of the CDEM group to assist the tutor to covering the groups during the live case studies.
Cost$4,600.00 GST Excl.
Note additional assessment and reporting charges are incurred for participant numbers over 12.
Fees include all delivery, learning materials, assessment and reporting.

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