Welcome to the New Zealand Mines Rescue Service

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service is a private sector, non-profit organisation that provides the specialist resources and expertise for an effective emergency service primarily to the mining and tunnelling industries.

The mission of the New Zealand Mines Rescue Service is to save and preserve lives, protect and secure resources and be proactive in enhancing safety and training through the provision of education and specialised services in industry and public services.

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Private Training Establishment (PTE)

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service is a NZQA registered Private Training Establishment with the highest NZQA External Evaluation Review status of “Highly Confident” in Educational Performance and “Highly Confident” in Self-Assessment (refer Appendix A NZMRS PTE Status). New Zealand Mines Rescue Service holds accreditation and consent to assess to Level 7 in Extractives Industries Management and Level 6 in Surface and Underground Extraction Domains.

New Zealand Mines Rescue Service also has accreditation and consent in the following Domains: Fire and Rescue Services – Generic Fire Fighting, Fire and Rescue Services – Structural and Industrial, First Aid, Hazardous Substances and Materials, Interpersonal Communications, Maintenance and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering, Occupational Health and Safety Practice, Workplace Emergency Risk Management, Workplace Fire and Emergency Response, Workplace Health and Safety Management.

Civil Defence

CDEM Training Provider

New Zealand Mines Rescue Service is an approved Training Provider for Civil Defence Emergency Management – click here for more details.

Mines Rescue Service Mines Rescue Service Mines Rescue Service

Specialist Services

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service provide a wide range of specialist services across a very broad and diverse range of industries utilising the transferable skills and knowledge it has attained through many years servicing the extractive industries in New Zealand. 

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service maintains strong working relationships with all emergency services and has direct access to a wide network of suppliers, technical expertise and other agencies that enables it to provide a very comprehensive range of services and advice.

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service works closely with several large organisations and projects across the country and prides itself on being a solution orientated and customer centric organisation with a high focus on quality in everything that it does. 

The New Zealand Mines Rescue Service offers a range of specialist services from having people embedded into projects filling specialised roles, through to providing advice and undertaking specialist technical services. 

Further information is provided under the Specialist Services tab in the main navigation.

Training Schedules Update

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Notice to levy payers under the Mines Rescue Act 2013

Under Section 10(5)(b)(i) of the Mines Rescue Act 2013, the Mines Rescue Trust notify the 2024-25 expected costs as being $1,048,010.