Mines Rescue Service

Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Training


NZ Mines Rescue has been approved by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management Te Rākau Whakamarumaru as a national provider of Civil Defence Emergency Management related training courses and activities.

NZ Mines Rescue has a long history of activity as a specialist emergency response organisation to the extractives industry.  In more recent times, with the decline of extractives industries, it has broadened its approach and has become a major provider of applied emergency management training to a wider range of high risk industries particularly those that require respiratory protection.

It is a major provider of specialist mine management training particularly for the specified Certificates of Competence roles including emergency management training.

NZ Mines Rescue is contracted by WorkSafe to train the Mine Incident Controllers (MIC) who will operate under the Underground Mines Emergency Protocol (variation of CIMS). WorkSafe have also contracted NZ Mines Rescue to plan and facilitate annual multi-agency emergency exercises to test the Protocol as well as coordinate annual governance level meetings between agencies. 

NZ Mines Rescue is a NZQA Category 1 provider rated as highly confident in educational performance and highly confident in educational assessment.

The courses we are offering to emergency management groups have been specifically reviewed and refocused, so they are particularly relevant to this sector. They include specifically developed case studies and scenarios based on the types of real responses they could be required to deliver, and the processes and tools used by the civil defence structures.

NZ Mines Rescue is also working with some regions to develop case studies and scenarios particular to their risk profiles.  We are happy to tailor a series of courses to meet the particular needs of a region at no additional charge.

CDEM Training Courses