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Human Factors Training Course

The Human Factors Course is based on US: 26855 Analyse Human Factors present in workplace practices at an extractive site level 4 credits 10.

Training Course Content

Human factors Knowledge increases the effectiveness of the design and implementation of risk controls.

This course provides a base knowledge of concepts and principles related to human factors and their effect on workplace practice and the effectiveness of risk controls.  It includes the analysis of workplace practices by examining human factors that could contribute to error-producing conditions and the recommendation of controls to reduce the likelihood of human factors contributing to incidents and accidents in the workplace.

This knowledge provides significant insights into how improvements can be made to risk controls to reduce the likelihood of their failure due to human factors. It is complimentary knowledge for those involved in risk assessment and control processes, and incident investigations and may enable them to further reduce risks on the work site through the design of more effective risk controls.

If the client is able to supply a range of incidents from its worksites these can be analysed for those which have error producing conditions contributed to by human factors. These can be used as case studies for practical exercises during the course increasing the relevance to the participants workplace.

Course Details
Duration2 Days – Some assessment work will need to be completed outside this course for award of the unit standard.
LocationCan be delivered on-site or at a suitable venue nearby. Delivery is available nationally.
VenueClient to provide a suitable training room with whiteboard and data-show.
TutorPat Russell
CostFees of $3850.00 GST Excl. per course of up to 12 participants.
Fee includes all tutoring, learning materials, assessment, reporting and certification.

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